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Our company is constantly expanding
on the Romanian market, but mostly on European markets,
competing with great success with other manufacturers.

Technical Support

3D Design
Custom Designs
Rapid Execution
Professional Support


The design of our products
starts in the design office.


The quality of our products is derived from our continuous technology upgrading.


We are constantly developing our distribution area through both direct sales and third parties.

Fast Delivery

The commercial fleet of vehicles owned by the company provides a rapid delivery all over the country.

Who we are?

We are a Romanian company founded in 1991, with headquarters in Chichis, Covasna County, a region with great tradition in forestry and wood processing industries, located in the center of the country.

Alex & Co SA is a stock company with entirely Romanian capital. We own more than 45.000 Sqm of production and storage spaces, with all the needed utilities included.

We use up to date technology to ensure a production capacity (including drying) of approximately 4000-4500 coffins/ month (constantly increasing). The quality of our products respects high European standards thus satisfying the most demanding EU beneficiaries.

We manufacture coffins and accessories, from all wood essences, native and exotic, in different shapes and sizes, for incineration or traditional funerals.

Our company is constantly expanding on EU and Russian markets, ranking high in the elite of European manufacturers.