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About us

 Welcome to Alex&Co, a name synonymous with quality and loyalty in the world of coffin craftsmanship since 1994. At Alex&Co, we have been producing coffins with unwavering dedication, ensuring that each piece reflects the high standards of our commitment to excellence.

 Our foundation is built on the principles of quality and customer loyalty. We understand the importance of providing not just a product, but a symbol of respect and remembrance for your loved ones. This commitment is reflected in every coffin we produce, crafted exclusively from rigorously tested timber to guarantee the highest level of durability and aesthetic appeal.

 Our relentless pursuit of quality is exemplified by our substantial investment of half a million euros in our cutting-edge finishing facility. This state-of-the-art facility allows us to refine each piece with precision and care, ensuring that the final product is a testament to the craftsmanship that Alex&Co is known for.

 Situated on over 5 hectares of land, our main plant boasts a fleet of over 50 high-end machinery, operated by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. This combination of technological innovation and artisanal expertise enables us to consistently deliver coffins that exceed industry standards.

 At Alex&Co, we value the loyalty of our customers, some of whom have trusted us for two decades. It is a testament to the enduring quality and service that define our brand. We cherish the relationships we have built and continue to foster with our customers, recognizing that their trust is the cornerstone of our success.

 When you choose Alex&Co, you choose more than a coffin; you choose a legacy of craftsmanship, dedication, and customer loyalty that has been our hallmark for over 20 years. Thank you for considering Alex&Co for your cherished moments.

Alex&Co sicrie

"Discretion and elegance is our secret ingredient"

Murărașu Codruța - Co-Founder and perfectionist


"As long as we live, sky is the limit"

Murărașu Iulian - Co-founder and bedrock

"Thrive Thrive Thrive"
Muntean Alexandru-Horea - FOUNDER

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