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About us

We were established in 1992 in Chichiș, Covasna county, Romania with the sole purpose to excel in manufacturing coffins.


We, immediately started producing coffins for the Romanian market and in 1996 did our first export in Germany. Since then we grew our market to Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czechia, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Moldavia and Russia.


Our mission

Our mission is simple: We want to deliver high quality coffins in all Europe. The "high quality coffins" part is already taken care of as we've learned from our mistakes in over 30 years of good and bad experiences, we invested in next generation machinery and we now meet all European standards (dimension, finish or even quality).

Our vision

is YOUR vision

One of our most valuable asset is customer satisfaction so we aim to satisfy all your needs. We will not bore anyone with our models (even though you can find a part of them here), so all our clients send us exactly what they need (models, standards, finishes) and we try to meet their expectations.

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"Discretion and elegance is our secret ingredient"

Murărașu Codruța - Co-Founder and perfectionist


"As long as we live, sky is the limit"

Murărașu Iulian - Co-founder and bedrock

"Thrive Thrive Thrive"
Muntean Alexandru-Horea - FOUNDER

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